Hello Dear Reader(s)

Tis the season of those “year in reviews” and look back posts. I decided to be a little different. (Because I am who I am)

I am choosing to look back a bit further. One, in part to see how I have changed over time rather than a “What did I do in one year’s time” sort of thing.

In 2012:

I witnessed a Solar Eclipse

My son went back to Michigan on his first solo journey to visit my family.

I was working in my field at the one of the oldest Nevada Newspapers, which was starting to die and laying people off.

I still captained a JDRF Walk Team:

2012 JDRF Walk Team.

Hannah was still here and got married to Josh, who was diagnosed with Cancer. I still remember the day she called me to tell me he proposed to her and when the wedding was gonna happen. Very spur of the moment wedding

I took my son to his first Rock Concert: Halestorm with In this moment opening for them.

I was hanging out with a lot of musicians and other interesting people.

Spin Doctors

I was transitioning into finding another job in my field. It was the beginning of me having to take jobs outside my career field. It was also the beginning of learning how to trust the universe to show my my new path in life.

Now in 2022 my life is very different.

I have embraced a more spiritual life path, I will choose happiness over money and I no longer do things to please other people. My son is grown and married and living out of state, I have adopted an old Marine and am enjoying our symbiotic life together as this very non-traditional family. I have joined a charitable cause that I truly believe in and made some of the most deepest friendships I’ve had in life since Hannah died. I will no longer try to contact people or put effort into friendships that are one sided.

10 years makes a difference. What was your life like 10 years ago? How have you changed?