Hello Dear Reader(s)

Today is November 4th. My husband’s new job’s Insurance became active on November 1st. After a month of carefully rationing my Dexcom G6 GGM’s I gleefully called up my durable medical supplier to order more.

But wait! We need a bit of backstory.

SO… My husband’s company will be switching insurance providers on January 1st. (Let’s call this Insurance B) Currently this insurance (Let’s call it Insurance A) does not cover my doctor and that medical network. Insurance B DOES!

So there are exactly 2 months left of having Insurance A before getting Insurance B.

Keep this in mind for the rest of the blog.

So on the phone with my durable medical supplier (Which is how I get my CGM supplies) I find out that NO, they don’t take Insurance A. Well, Hell.
So I call the insurance company to find out WHO takes them. On the phone with the agent (who is a diabetic as well and had some empathy), he tells me the name of the durable medical supplier they use, HOWEVER…

The medical supplier will NOT ACCEPT any prescriptions written by doctors that are OUTSIDE OF THE NETWORK! I think: “Well, why the hell not? Who the Fuck cares what doctor wrote the damn prescription?!” I thank him for his time and he wishes me good luck and he hopes it all works out for me.

Great! What do I do?! The cost of a 3-pack (One month) box of sensors is $283 out of pocket, probably more through my current durable medical supplier. $559 for the battery (Transmitter) and $51.36 through Amazon Pharmacy.
“Wait!” I think to myself, “I have diabetic friends. I know people.”
So I put up a post on social media.

Thank you to everyone who has responded. I love an appreciate all of you.

I got a response from a friend of a friend, who mentioned that Amazon pharmacy has them for less money. $188 for a box of three.

So the next day (Today), I call Dexcom directly.


I tell the agent all the above. She says “OMG, you have the patience of a saint. I am a mom of a diabetic and I would personally be freaking out right now! Don’t worry I got you covered!”

She is going to send me a 1 month’s supply plus a new battery (That is getting ready to expire) at no cost to hold me out until Jan 1st. She also gave me her name and number to call if my current durable medical supplier does not ship out my order in January when Insurance B takes effect.

So I am very thankful. A huge weight has been taken off of me. The knowledge of me being able to keep my good diabetic control is so relieving. I was not wanting to go backward in my diabetic therapy.