I collect Christmas Cards. I try to send out a ton by Dec. 1 every year. By this time usually I have at least four cards that I have received. Not so this year. But my first Christmas card was extra special. I forgot to check my mail yesterday, so I did so this morning. I noticed a red envelope with “Bruce and Laura” written on it. No addresses; just the names. Sunday I had dropped of a little gift to my neighbor and I thought it might have been from her. When I opened the card I got a walmart $25 gift card and noticed that it was from my landlord. ❤ The only time I had a landlord that was that nice was the one my parents had in MI who would give us a Christmas tree from his property every year.

As of last post I was not in the Christmas spirit so to say. I took going to Mass to get me in. (or maybe the upcoming Christmas parties this week- two on Thursday and one on Friday) Last Sunday we had a disappointing get together for Diabetes patients at my Endo’s office. I say disappointing as none of my JDRF office girls were there and there was this crazy, obnoxious lady who keep talking to us. Because of her I now know of the Republican’s plot to kill everyone off and repress all Black people. I also got lectured on the way I take my insulin and for not using the kind of insulin that she uses, Oh yeah, and I should take the type 2 medicine she takes. This after I told her  I was Type 1!!!

The Sunday before that I had a blast at our Church’s Christmas party. One of our Priests (an Asian) was handing out candy canes and wearing a santa hat with his Franciscan robes. He made sure to sit with everyone and talk to us in his accented English to see how our Christmas was going. It was catered by an amazing company that works with my son’s school. We had a singer and a DJ husband and wife team. She was amazing and does a mean Elvis impersonation. I danced with a bunch of older friends and taught the singer some belly dancing moves. We were invited to see her at her next concert!

I am looking forward to Thursday’s KofC party. (although I no longer let the boys make my drinks) It is a lot of fun and we always try to guess who is playing Santa. I get a lot of blackmail photos from that particular annual event.

I am curious about the work party as well. We are all going out to my favorite pizza place and the invite said “Celebrate our accomplishments” So I wonder if there are special awards to be given. hmmm…

Friday is a white elephant (ladies only) cocktail party at a friend of mine. Her parties are awesome and always fun. I can’t wait!!

To wrap up (pun intended) all my gifts are gotten except some stocking stuffers. Parties will be done after this week, cards are sent, and I have only to wait to receive cards and give gifts. That is the hardest part; waiting to see my friends reactions to the gifts I gave them.

Merry Christmas to all!